"Wait a minute. Before I commit to this 'sign me up' business, what's in it for me?" - you, perhaps, right about now

You ask the hard questions, savvy signer-upper. I respect that.

What's in it for you are the following:

1- An immediate thank-you coupon for 10% off almost* anything in the shop.
2- EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS! I set aside never-to-be-seen-anywhere-other-than-in-the-newsletter photos from each set I shoot. You will get to see them.
3- The knowledge that I cry little happy tears whenever someone new signs up for the mailing list.
4- FIRST DIBS & DISCOUNT on all stuff added to the shop. You see everything at a Subscribers Only price 3 days before it's released to the general public at full price.
5- FREE SIGNED PRINT when you buy stuff during the aforementioned Subscribers Only window.
6- Sometimes I write newsletters pre-coffee or post-wine and they are consequently kinda funny.
7- My word that I will never ever ever use your information for anything other than the mailing list.
8- Future other things that I am trying to think of to make the mailing list better.

So that's 7 definite things and who even knows how many potential future things. I think of things all the time. When I figure out how to email pudding, that will also be a definite thing you get.

(*discount not valid on Fundraiser & Charity Auction items)
* indicates required
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